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Christmas Period Entertainment

By 17th December 2019June 29th, 2022No Comments

In theory, it should be easy to keep kids entertained in the lead-up to Christmas – all that excitement, magic and anticipation about what Santa may bring. However, in practice it doesn’t always work out that way. If anything, too much excitement gets a bit much, both for kids and adults alike!

If you find yourself struggling to find ways to keep the kids entertained over Christmas, help is at hand. Here are five simple (and cheap) games to help make Christmas fun for everyone.

Snowman bowling

This is part craft activity, part game, and 100% fun. You’ll need empty tissue boxes (three for the body, and a smaller one for the head) which you’ll need to paint white. Once dry, stack them to create a snowman shape and start decorating – orange card for a carrot nose, sticks for arms, pom-poms for buttons, and paint for eyes and mouth. Why not add a hat to complete the look? Set up your snowman and take it in turns to try to knock it down with a ball.

Guess the Christmas smell

Certain smells go hand in hand with Christmas – think nutmeg, pine needles, cinnamon, gingerbread and chocolate. But how easy is it to tell one smell from another? Create a Christmas smell game by popping a little bit of each item into an empty jar, and asking your kids to guess the smell. Older kids and adults can be blindfolded to make it harder.

What’s in Santa’s hat?

All you need for this fun game is a Santa hat and different objects from around the house. The aim of the game is to guess what is inside the hat by touch alone (no peeking!). Items you could use include marbles, pinecones, toy cars, candy canes, snow globes and cuddly toys.

Christmas chocolate hunt

This is just like an Easter egg hunt, but with foil-wrapped chocolate Santas/ snowmen/ penguins instead. Just hide the chocolates while the kids are busy watching Christmas TV and let the hunt begin! Let them know how many you have hidden so they can work out how many they still need to find. Everyone can have a go at hiding and finding the chocolates. And you all get to eat them at the end – it’ll keep them going for hours!

Reindeer hoopla

Another part craft, part game, this one is simple to make and exciting to play. You’ll need a cardboard box, sticks, pens, pipe cleaners and tape. First, draw a reindeer face on your box (eyes and a red nose will do). Then, it’s a trip to the park to find two V-shaped sticks for antlers. Make two holes in the top of the box and secure the antlers in place with tape, and your reindeer is complete. Finally, make hoops from the pipe cleaners and have a go at hoopla-ing Rudolph!

At Little Willows, we will be spending December getting into the festive spirit. The children will have lots of opportunities to make cards and presents to bring home, bake mince pies and gingerbread men, decorate the nursery, learn Christmas songs and enjoy the annual nursery Christmas party.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!